Two cooking adventures last night.

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Two cooking adventures last night. First, I made some sourdough pitas. They looked just right up through baking, puffing up in the oven and the whole bit. But when they were done, they were very, very crispy. I thought they’d soften up by letting them cool wrapped in a warm damp towel, but they stayed very, very crispy. They’ve got a nice taste to them, but they’re more fragile than a taco shell. The second adventure was much more successful. I made some spinach & chicken stuffed manicotti, but instead of chicken I used eggplant. I had no idea at all if this would work (I made up the recipe as I went), but I knew for it to work at all, I’d need thin firm strips of eggplant. I did this by peeling one and slicing it 1/3 inch think. I salted the slices and stacked them in a colander, alternating layers of slices with paper towels. I placed a weight on top (my ceramic crockof sourdough starter) and pressed them for about 6 hours. I took these slices, brushed them with olive oil, and roasted them under the broiler for about 5 minutes to a side, until they were just starting to brown. I then julienned the slices, using a non-serrated knife. The result was a supremely tasteful dish. I used mozzarella and ricotta that I made myself as well. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to lunch! If you want the recipe, send me an email.

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