I guess they didn’t like

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I guess they didn’t like what they saw. Earlier today, webloggers were pointing to stories on David Letterman’s suprise announcement that he was to have a angiogram, an announcement he made while interviewing Regis for a show to be aired tonight. Now, he’s recovering from an emergency quintuple bypass. Get well soon, David Letterman! Back in the day (1992 or so), I was an active participant in the usenet group alt.shenanigans. Back then it was an outlet for culture jammers and the like, and one thing we did was mail many coconuts to Letterman. It turns out than you can afix stamps to the outside of a coconut, write an address on it, and just drop it in a mailbox. I have no idea how many were sent that week (I sent three), but Letterman inserted into one of his top ten lists that next week “What’s with all the coconuts?” Perhaps now would be a good time to send him a get well coconut or two. On a complete side note, while reading the alt.shenanigans FAQ, circa 1996, I see that Jorn Barger of Robot Wisdom is listed in the credits. Any other shenanigan folks in the weblog community?

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