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The Post Office wants to raise rates another penny, making first class stamps cost 34 cents each. I just figured out last week that stamps are now 33 cents. A few weeks ago, I bought two flats of stamps at the post office. All of them were 32 cent stamps. A good clerk concerned with customer service would have warned me, but she let me spend 10 dollars on old stamps without saying a word. I proceeded to use them all, still not knowing that they were wrong. One day, I received a letter with a 33 cent stamp on it, and that caught my attention. All of my letters had been delivered; not one was returned for insufficient postage. I looked through all the letters I had recently received, and some had 32 cent stamps, some had 33. It seemed the post offce didn’t care, so long as there was a stamp on there of one sort or another. Anyone else notice this? Has automation gotten sloppy over there at the USPS? Or do they just not care about that extra cent? A bonus: I used the last eleven stamps to mail an express mail envelope to Beth in New Mexico and they were delivered uncancelled, ready to reuse.

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