I find out tomorrow whether

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I find out tomorrow whether or not I get to direct Waiting for Godot this Spring. The project has plenty of support from the powers-that-be, but the scuttlebut is that there’s so much support that it’ll get passed over for a Second Stage slot for a probable slot for next season’s Main Stage. Second Stage shows are low budget shows that run for one weekend. Main Stage shows have a much larger budget and run for two weeks. I’ll be happy with either one. Second Stage lets me hand-pick my cast, Main Stage requires open auditions. Anyway, I’ll know tomorrow night.

The local PBS affilliate is

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The local PBS affilliate is now broadcasting 24 hours a day, and so at 1:30 in the morning I’m watching the new series of Nature, Inside the animal mind. Episode one, Are Animals Intelligent?, is wonderful. Of course there’s the footage of dolphins and chimps doing smart-lookng things, but there’s also the learning behavior of birds. Pigeons were shown a Picasso painting and a Monet painting. Pecking on Picasso gave food, Monet did not. When they had that down, other paintings from the two artists were shown. The birds could recognize who painted paintings they had not seen before, and whether they’d get food or not. Then Matisse was introduced, and the birds confused Picasso and Matisse at about the same rate that art students did.

Today (Saturday) is Elvis’ birthday.

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Today (Saturday) is Elvis’ birthday. His 65th. I like holidays as much as the next fellow, but it sure would be better if they took some of these winter holidays and put them where they’re really needed, like August. I celebrated tonight by going to the Fabulous 40 Watt, where they had Elvis Karaoke, free peanut butter & banana sandwiches and moon pies. Of course, that could only go on for so long, so I had to follow up with a pint of guinness at the Manhattan (from the outside, this place looks like the worst hole-in-the-wall in town — shlitz sign and all — but inside, ooh la la!) and wrapped up with a sausage from JB’s The Polish Sausage Man (with Comeback Sauce!). It was a nice way to celebrate the holiday, but I’ve decided that going out downtown by myself just isn’t what it used to be.