If today’s my lucky day,

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If today’s my lucky day, I’ll be told this evening that I’m going to New York City this weekend to possibly appear on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Last night, for the first time, I got through the phone line and answered all the questions correctly. Usually, the last question is very hard (”Put the following four Southeast Asian cities in geographical order from north to south…“), but last night they asked me something I knew (”Put the following four major events in the US banking industry in chronological order…“). So, if the computers pull my name out of their electronic hat, I’ll be called this afternoon and given instructions on how to play another round this evening. And if I’m in the top 25% this evening, then they’ll tell me how to pick up my plane tickets. Or, if the computers don’t select me, then I’ll try again from the beginning (”Put the following four Bangledeshi cricket players in order based on the number of lifetime runs scored from greatest to least…“).

Today’s not my lucky day.

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Today’s not my lucky day. I’ll try again tomorrow. But, I did get my laptop back from the shop today, so it wasn’t all lost.

!00% Cheese Taco, a true

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!00% Cheese Taco, a true story by Craig Mitchell. Craig says that another chapter of “She Hates My Futon” will be out in a week or so. If you haven’t ever been by My Boot, go have a look-see.