Well, blow me down! Not

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Well, blow me down! Not only has another weblog sprung up in Athens — chip’s log — but there a big communal weblog/journal to boot — Year2000Logs. Both were set up by Chip Woods, who is also the publisher of AthensTown, “a weekly online magazine about Athens and the people who live here.” It looks like it’s been here a while, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Frontline on PBS this week

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Frontline on PBS this week is titled Apocalypse! The evolution of apocalyptic belief and how it shaped the western world. Of course, the show was very interesting, and as always, they’ve done a bang-up job with their website. While you’re there, be sure to take the antichrist quiz!

Last night was another night

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Last night was another night where my plans to clean the apartment were tossed aside in favor of fine cinema. The Independant Film Channel (alone worth the extra price for my digital cable service) showed Sirens, and it sucked me in. If you don’t mind a ton of nudity (the film features an artist whose paintings of nude people offends the church, represented by Hugh Grant as a fine vicar), I highly recommend this film. The beauty is outstanding… not just the flesh, but the australian landscape and the artistic imagery also was a treat to the eyes. The dialogue was well written, and the story of the vicar’s wife’s awakening (played by Tara Fitzgerald) held everything together quite well.

Walmart would like to close

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Walmart would like to close down a nine-year-old store here in Athens and build a new supercenter just down the road on land that’s presently zoned for residential buildings. Of course, there’s a big fight to stop the move. Walmart’s latest attempt to “reason” with Athens residents is currently featured at the SprawlBusters site.