Two wonderful sites courtesy of

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Two wonderful sites courtesy of Bovine Inverus: detailed instructions on how to build your own Boba Fett suit and an essay on auctions where people spend money to win a smaller amount of money and how it relates to our everyday life. That second one is probably the best thing I’ve seen on the web in a while.

Nearly eleven years ago, I

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Nearly eleven years ago, I left home for college. Most all of my possessions were boxed up and shipped by UPS to my college address. Out of the eight boxes, I received three. It seemed clear that they were stolen somewhere along the way, as inside each box was plenty of material to identify me and how to find me should they just have gotten misplaced. I was pretty upset about the whole thing at the time, as most of what was lost was irreplaceable. Signed high school yearbooks, an awful lot of writing, an entire fantasy world I had created and pored hours into. As the years went by, I realized that it wasn’t entirely a bad thing, as it forced me to start over, reinvent myself, and move on, and the me that emerged was a good deal better than what I had before. It doesn’t even sound right to me that my entire life should be defined by what was in a few small boxes, but at the time, that’s how it was. I write this because one of the things in the boxes, perhaps the only thing with real monetary value, was my class ring. The ring was returned to my parents yesterday, and is now on its way back to me. Its eleven year history is still being discovered, but apparently it never made it out of the county my parents live in. It’d be neat to find the rest of the stuff too, like opening up a time capsule, but I don’t hold out much hope it’ll all turn up.

In Madison, we stopped into

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In Madison, we stopped into The Puzzle Box, a small toy store filled mostly with “thinking-person’s toys”. Two companies caught my eye, The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild and Found Objects. The Philosopher’s Guild has a number of quirky items, including “Brainy Beanies” and “Fruedian Slippers”, my two favorites. Found Objects sells art and zen related games, displays, and things to play with. My favorite is the “Dada Box” game, where you try to make sentences out of words randomly drawn from a bag. The words are magnetic, much like the Magnetic Poetry series, but cheaper and more versitile.