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One of the most-watched religious cults can be found near Athens. On New Year’s Eve, they held a big bash here in town, and front-page news in our local paper. The group, known by many names but most commonly called The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is an odd blend of Christain, Muslim, Egyptian, and American Indian beliefs. Their focus if the arrival of a spaceship that will arrive in 2003 to take away a select 144,000 people. There have been many articles written about them, including this one in Time and this one in the New York Times (scanned in, including photo). The Freedom of Mind Center also has a page on them. They run a bookstore directly across the street from my apartment, and I went in the other day. Right as I entered, a tall man in a fez showed me a book and told me that if I read it, “no one could touch me. Not the FBI, not the CIA, not the president, nobody.” I didn’t buy it, but I did admire the cover artwork on all the books. Much prettier than the Watchtower artistry.

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