I’m leaving in the morning

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I’m leaving in the morning to visit a dear friend in Madison, Wisconsin. Thanks to an incredible stroke of luck, I’ll also get to see Randy while I’m there. Hot-diggity! I might also get to peek inside the Gobbler, too. I’m not planning on updating while I’m gone, so check back after the first. I’m flying back on New Year’s Day… I’ll either be looking down on all the burning cities or sitting back and reading The Name of the Rose (suggested by Dan over at Lake Effect), depending on the circumstances.

David Letterman’s been full of

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David Letterman’s been full of internet references lately. Besides haveing a Mahir-lookalike playing ping-pong backstage (”I kiss you, David Letterman!”), last night his guest John Withspoon heavily plugged his site, www.bangbangbangbang.com. There, you can buy T-shirts with such witticisms as “You got to coordinate” and “Ho’s got to eat too”. He claims he’s made up about 1000 shirts and sold 30, so he’s sure to have your shirt in stock.

I received my first non-english

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I received my first non-english spam today. The subject was “Wirtschaftsmagazin “Mein Geld”“, I thought it was a Make Money Fast. After siccing the Babelizer on it, I see it’s just another hot stock tip: “Prominent Internet enterprise went to the Frankfurt stock exchange. My cash expects course Ralley. Cover yourselves up now at start prices.