I was reading this CNN

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I was reading this CNN article about the long-term environmental damage in North Carolina due to hurricane Floyd. Nice and lengthy for a CNN article, and near the bottom I ran into the following quote: “Crowder said almost all the menhaden caught in sample trawls recently have shown signs of disease. Also affected are other species, including hardier fish such as weakfish.” Hardier fish such as weakfish? Is this for real, or did someone slip that in there to see if we were really reading?

I see that the $5

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I see that the $5 link below isn’t working today, illustrating the dangers of deep-linking dynamic URLs. Try this instead, though it’s another deep link and may not work. To manually find the page, go to greatergood.com. Once there, pick a charity from the list, go to the “Travel, Computers, & More” shopping category, and once there choose “Greater Good Webcertificates”. Finally, there you can find a link to the free $5 certificates, good at most major web retailers. Ho, ho, ho!