Ken Rona wrote a charming

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Ken Rona wrote a charming description of the weblog community while discussing the potential negative impact of the various weblog ratings out there.

The latest issue of Risks

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The latest issue of Risks Digest has my story of Windows98 censorship (posted here a couple weeks ago), and that’s already generated more email to me than anything else I’ve ever written. I’ve not found out for sure, but it seems to have been caused by a program called “Microsoft Plus! for Kids Protect It!”. And for the record, I don’t find the program so exciting that it warrants two exclamation points in the title.

Now that my referrer logs

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Now that my referrer logs are working again, I see that Kestrel’s Nest has been placed on the periodic table of web elements (Kr36)! That made my morning… especially seeing that I’m a noble gas (Eric does mean “King” after all), right between…. AOL & Excite? Add a proton to me and I become Robot Wisdom! It’s a neat thing, and I wonder how Fairvue came up with elemental placement.