No southern weblog would be

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No southern weblog would be complete without Kudzu links, so here’s one to The Kudzu Festival held each year in Blythewood, South Carolina (in the IGA parking lot!). You’ll enjoy one Indiana woman’s account of the Miss Kudzu pagant, where all the judging criteria got thown out when none of the contestants could walk in their gowns made of kudzu. The only one who could cross the stage without falling was declared winner, and she fell just past the “finish line”, taking down her mother.

I’ve found good reading recently

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I’ve found good reading recently at MetaJohn, another weblog I’ve found through my referrer logs. John claims Kestrel’s Nest as a source of design inspiration. Thanks!

The first global earthquake risk

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The first global earthquake risk map has been released by the Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program. Several years in the making, the map has few suprises, but does help drive the point home that half of the world’s largest cities are in an area of high risk. I wish there was a much larger version of the map there, though. It looks like South Carolina is in an earhquake zone, but I can’t really see.

One week from today: You

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One week from today: You will never see a Moon like this again, even if the world does not end seven days later. The rest of Bendy Pig is worth checking out, too.

Jorn over at Robot Wisdom

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Jorn over at Robot Wisdom has removed all weblog minibanners from his site. I found these very nice, especially the ones that changed on a regular basis, to show “headlines” or whatever. There is a similar set of minibanners over at the Weblog Monitor, but those are stored in a way to make them harder to change on a regular basis (and often inaccessible altogether!). I’ve kept my favorites down to the lower left, and will keep them as long as the owners maintain them.

UPDATE: Mike at LarkFarm now has a page of minibanners. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: LarkFarm is an amazing weblog, and I’ve found nearly everything he’s posted both interesting and related to my own interests.