Cosma’s home on the net

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Cosma’s home on the net punishes you for using Microsoft Internet Explorer by playing Shatner’s Mr. Tamborine Man in the background. I haven’t explored this whole site yet, but it looks very interesting, not the least because each section is named with a snippit of Talking Heads lyrics. Cosma was a physics grad student in Madison, WI, but is now in Santa Fe, NM. Physics is only one of Cosma’s many interests, as you will discover.

Pamie learned a few lessons

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Pamie learned a few lessons over the week-end.
5. Don’t goof off at the top of metal staircases. And the worst is when you’re goofing like you’re going to fall down the stairs, and then you do. Just act like a grown-up for once in your damn life and sit still.

The Gallery of the Absurd

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The Gallery of the Absurd features advertisements and products that are just weird.

John Perry thinks like I

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John Perry thinks like I do and has written a passionate Plea for the Horizontally Organized. He begins by talking about the plight of left-handedness. I’m both left handed and horizontally organized, so I guess this counts double for (or against…) me. There are other light essays on his site as well.

The English newspaper The Guardian

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The English newspaper The Guardian has been publishing a cons ice history of the millennium over the last year and a half, covering two years of history per day. Today’s section includes, among mention of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy Assassination, the introduction of Dr. Who. Full archives are on-line, and the medieval years are highly recommended.

Recently, my office got an

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Recently, my office got an ADSL net connection, so I’ve been revisiting all the high-bandwidth sites I had to avoid before (during my coffee breaks, of course). My favorite is My Boot’s Movie Theater and its annex. The theater has several high-caliber movie clips of spoofs, home-videos, and other mostly funny pieces. The annex is a jumping-off point to other worth-while films, such as those offered by TrailerVision (The trailer’s better than the movie, especially when there is no movie.). The theater is just a small part of the whole My Boot site, run by Craig Mitchell of St. Louis. My Boot also includes the entertaining story “She Hates My Futon“, about dating and relationships set in and around St. Louis. If you like what Craig’s done, you can send him an entertaining Alpha-numeric page.