The Kooks Museum has been

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The Kooks Museum has been “dismantled, compacted, frozen, laminated and reassembled” for your viewing pleasure. As it’s laminated, no new additions will be made to the museum. In its place is Book Happy, a print magazine with some on-line content about collecting weird books.

The swiss cheese I’m making

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The swiss cheese I’m making begins three months of hibernation in the back of my fridge tomorrow. It’s been sitting out for the last three weeks, and indications are that the eyes have formed beautifully. It smells just like a nice swiss cheese, too. I guess I’ll find out for sure in late February.

I’ve agreed to do a

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I’ve agreed to do a review of the Hasbro Interactive Diplomacy game for the Diplomatic Pouch, the webzine for the internet Diplomacy community. First impressions: looks good, great for learning the game, doesn’t come near matching having seven human players sitting around a table.

SPRIL News is the official

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SPRIL News is the official newsletter of the Subatomic Particle Rights League. This was published in print form by Tom Jones primarily at New Mexico Tech, and consisted mostly of “psuedo-scientific satire”. After Tom left Tech, a few issues were published on-line, including a selection of Dr. Staff’s Greatest Hits. Dr. Staff is/was a scientific genius who taught about a third of all classes offered at Tech (that is, if you went by each semester’s course catalog) who took the time to answer reader’s questions. Tom also served as student body president and editor of the official school newspaper, Paydirt. He brought a new new era of quality to the paper, but having a satirist n charge of the official news brought forth some very interesting issues.