You Are Where You Live

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You Are Where You Live shows off the power of gathering demographics. Type in your zip code and get told what kind of people live there. Where I grew up: “Shotguns & Pickups” and “Back Country Folks“. Yeah, that’s true. Where I live now: “Towns & Gowns” and “Southside City“. If you’re a travelling salesman, you gotta know the territory, and this’ll get you almost all of the way there. (from Robot Wisdom)

The Forum Romanum is your

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The Forum Romanum is your portal to all things of the Roman Empire. Among the many goodies here is the full text of the ancient cookbook De Re Coquinaria by Caelius Apicius. If your Latin’s not so good but you still want to have an authentic toga party, English translations of many of the dishes can be found here.

The Galileo spacecraft is scheduled

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The Galileo spacecraft is scheduled to begin today what’s described as a daring low-altitude flyby of Jupiter’s moon Io. The craft will pass within 186 miles of Io’s surface (closer to the surface than the International Space Station is to Earth’s), passing over the moon’s south pole. Closest approach will be tomorrow evening. On its way, it will pass by the moon Callisto tonight and the scientificly-popular Europa tomorrow morning.

Where have I been? Habro

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Where have I been? Habro Interactive has released Diplomacy for the Mac & PC. Avalon Hill had a version in the 80’s that was very poor, even for then, and that’s all there’s ever been available commercially. This game looks fantastic, and includes full AI players (that you can negotiate with) and multi-player capabilities. It even accepts input from (and output to!) the various Diplomacy Adjudicators out there. One of the giants in the email diplomacy community, Marcus Hand, published a sneak peek into the game earlier this year. At $50, it may be more than December’s budget will allow me, but I don’t know how I can resist buying this game.