Many astronomers were skeptical of

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Many astronomers were skeptical of the precise predictions for the Leonids offered by Asher and McNaught earlier this year. Data from last night seems to precisely match their predictions, and go a long way toward validating their model. The real good news? They predict a strong storm visible in North America for 2002.

It took me about a

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It took me about a month too long to read this epinion titled The Incredible Truth About Minneapolis. Very funny, and written by that wacky Wendell over at OneSwellFoop.

Well, I observed the Leonids

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Well, I observed the Leonids for about four hours last night, and saw roughly four meteors. It might have been three, as they were all very dim, and I could have imagined one. Apparantly at the same time I was watching, observers in Spain saw one every second or so.

The thing that I noticed most was the extreme amount of airplanes in the sky. At one time, two dozen were in my field of vision at the same time! And the sound of engines was steady, a constant deep droning. I guess that’s what happens when you live within 100 miles of the Atlanta airport. Too bad, really.