I spent many, many hours

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I spent many, many hours a few years ago lost in the worlds created by Trilobyte software. 7th Guest, 11th Hour, and Clandestiny were superb puzzle-based games, and still rank among the best I’ve ever played. I was wondering today what they’re up to, as I’ve not heard of anything from them in a while. Turns out they closed their doors this year, after falling from about as high as a software company can possible get. Their defunct homepage linked to this excellent article from GameSpot that charts the rise and fall of Trilobyte. It’s over 20 pages long, but does a great job of describing what was happening there. As an employee of a software startup myself, the article was all the more pertinant.

My much missed friend from

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My much missed friend from college Randy has a series of pages up including a weblog/journal. Looks like he’s making a batch of apple jack, which would taste mighty good right about now. Too bad he’s so many miles away.

From Ed’s Weblog comes four

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From Ed’s Weblog comes four supposed photos of Hobbiton from the Lord of the Rings set.

CNN is running a story

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CNN is running a story about breaking Microsoft into three peices: one for Windows, one for applications, and one for internet business. Of course, that’s not a good idea for a number of reasons (some mentioned in the article). What sounds much better to me is James Gleick’s proposal, first made back in February, that Microsoft should be split into three equal clones, with full access to all intellectual property the one company has now.

NASA’s Leonids, Live! website will

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NASA’s Leonids, Live! website will start showing live images of the Leonids in about twelve hours, if you can’t get out yourself. Among the many interesting resources here is an article about watching the moon for impacts to help prospect for specific molecules, similar to the experiment that crashed the Lunar Prospector onto the moon.