This summer, news made the

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This summer, news made the popular press that a physics experiment scheduled for this month in New York could destroy the planet (see my September 16th entry). The laboratory commissioned a study to see what the possible effect might be, and they have found that the acceleratorwon’t destroy the world after all. The accelerator will go on-line by the end of the year.

I just discovered abada abada,

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I just discovered abada abada, a journal/weblog in Vermont. Start at the bottom of her page and read up, so to get the full effect of four truths and a lie, Vermont style.

How to Manage Geeks: I

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How to Manage Geeks: I read this in the print magazine when it came out, and was happy to find it on the web. I used to get a lot of flak for being a geek myself, but I’ve since accepted and become proud of the title.

We may be in for

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We may be in for quite treat this week as the Leonid meteor shower may be a storm. The shower peaks every 33 years as the parent comet orbits the sun, and this is the year. Due to quirks in orbital mechanics, it may be the last storm for over 100 years. The peak should be Wednesday evening at 9pm eastern looking to the east, though the best viewing will be in the Middle East. Note all the qualifiers — predicting these things are very, very tricky. Still, I’ll be outside each evening for the rest of the week, hoping to watch a storm.

One of the Hubble Telescope’s

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One of the Hubble Telescope’s three remaining gyroscopes shut down over the weekend, leaving the telescope useless. Three other gyroscopes had previously failed. NASA has a repair mission planned for early December, and astronomers have put the telescope into hibernation until then.