I’d be remiss in my

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I’d be remiss in my responsibilities (living in Athens and all) if I didn’t link to REM’s soundtrack to the Andy Kaufmann movie. There’s a RealAudio version of their new song. When REM’s official website went on-line a few months ago, it was front page headline news in the papers here.

Do you want to know

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Do you want to know how the world’s going to look after the coming 5/5/00 apocalypse? Here you go. If you’re really into that, you can order one for your wall.

A few days ago, Peter

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A few days ago, Peter Merholz wrote Tic toc so what? I’m finding the concept of measured time losing meaning in my life. If I were to design a clock for M & Co., there would be no numbers. At the end of the hands, slowly circumnavigating the clockface, would be the word “Whenever.” I knew I’d seen something similar in the catalogs that’ve been coming in the mail. Here it is.

Busy, busy day today. Odds

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Busy, busy day today. Odds are there will be no major updates until this evening. Linkwatcher will let you know when…