What happened to OneSwellFoop? What’s

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What happened to OneSwellFoop? What’s that all about?

Britain will be providing “morning-after”

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Britain will be providing “morning-after” contraceptive pills to teens free of charge, without the usual prescription paperwork, to counter unwanted pregnancies that may occur with excessive “Happy New Millennium!” celebrations. It looks like somebody has done their homework over there. I’ve not heard of anything remotely similar here.

The European Space Agency’s SMART-1

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The European Space Agency’s SMART-1 mission to the moon has been given the final go-ahead. Powered by an ion-drive, this orbiter will beam X-Rays at the moon to determine the elemental content of the outer crust. Many scientists have complainied that this duplicates previous work and is a waste of money. The principal investigator may not have helped his case by saying “If the Moon is really made of green cheese, we’ll be the first to tell the world.” In my opinion, any space mission which gets involved with the public as this one apparantly has is a good one. In this case, even if the payload is a duplication of previous work, many new technologies will be tested that will directly apply to future missions to the outer planets, where some of the most exciting research is now being conducted.

Opening night was a smashing

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Opening night was a smashing success. For a Thursday, the crowd was nice-sized, too… about 60 people, all told. I’ve grown to like my powdered wig, too. Why haven’t they ever come back into style?