Bob Rivers’ Twisted Tunes is

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Bob Rivers’ Twisted Tunes is the nearest thing Weird Al has to competition. He’s added a bunch of songs since my last visit. I suggest “Dark Side of Naboo” just to hear Yoda’s rant at the end, but you’ll find many more quality songs here.

The apple sauce I had

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The apple sauce I had for breakfast gave me the urge to visit applesauce.com, where I found directions for making several variations of apple sauce plus recipes that use apple sauce. Several years ago, I got the idea to make apple butter. I went a bit overboard on the apples and ended up with several gallens of the stuff before I was done. The apartment had the wonderful smell of apples and cinnamon for weeks.

I wrote down below “Now

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I wrote down below “Now that [Amazon.com is] associated with GiveQuick, all the more reason to stick with them.” I’m afraid I’ve got my charitable organizations messed up. I meant to say GreaterGood.com, who donates a percentage of your on-line purchases through a number of businesses (including Amazon) to charities. The current featured charity is the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a group I support completely. I’ve edited the post below to correct my error.

From the BBC: A dangerous

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From the BBC: A dangerous new type of e-mail virus emerged on Tuesday which reveals the potential to wreak havoc on computers by simply looking at an e-mail. It breaks one of the long-standing rules that you have to open an e-mail attachment to become infected. It’s easily stopped, but most users’ default settings in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will let this slip right on through. Yowsers!