I’ll be away from the

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I’ll be away from the computer for most of the day.

Linux got me kicked out

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Linux got me kicked out of Wal*Mart details the story of a laptop running linux, a quick-cam, and movies filmed at a Wal-mart. The movies themselves aren’t that exciting (unless, perhaps, you’re a Wal-mart junkie), but technical know-how that went into it and the run-in with the security guard make a good story.

Bob the Angry Flower shows

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Bob the Angry Flower shows us that L.A. has the worst godzilla selection in North America. I used to read this every week, but hadn’t been by in months. Looks like I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Intel has developed a digital

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Intel has developed a digital microscope, marketed for kids at home. I saw this in a catalog (Sam’s Club, I think) and was really excited. An educational computer toy that is fun! You can capture images from the microscope, edit them, print them, email, etc. Fun stuff. But then I found the official homepage and now I’m much less excited. It never comes out and says what the actual magnification levels are (Magnification levels are approximate and have been measured using a 15 in. (38cm.) monitor. Actual magnification will vary according to the size of your monitor is as close as they get.), but all the screenshots look like less than x10. Less than x5, even. Very disappointing, I think.