I made a three-pound wheel

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I made a three-pound wheel of swiss cheese over the weekend. Actually, I started making it — the cheese won’t be ready to eat for about four months. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s so very tasty. You too can learn how the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. I highly recommend ordering their 30 minute mozzarella kit. $19.95 gets you everything you need to make 30 pounds of fresh mozzarella except the milk.

Cafe Press: So here’s where

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Cafe Press:
So here’s where I can put my big ugly mug on a big ugly mug for fun and profit. The link will take you to my “wares”, and at the bottom of my “store front” you can click to Cafe Press’ home page. There may be a use for this, somewhere.

Two tech stories from the

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Two tech stories from the BBC: A cybernetics expert is planning to hand over control of his body to a computer in the latest of his high profile experiments and Scientists in the United Kingdom are developing a prototype robot slug-destroyer, which draws its power from the decomposing bodies of its victims.

Nothing gets the old ticker

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Nothing gets the old ticker pumping like reaching under submerged rocks and into holes in the river bank hoping to feel something — like a big fish — snap shut on your hand. I used to know people who would do this in the irrigation ditches of New Mexico and Texas, and saw pictures of the huge fish they pulled out. There is a small ranch between Socorro and Truth & Consequences, New Mexico, that has a catfish head atop each fencepost around the ranch house. Catfish heads that were, on average, the same size as mine.