Blogger’s been down all day,

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Blogger’s been down all day, so I’m just getting started. It’s the first time it’s gone down, and they resolved the problem suitably quickly. I’ll say it again: I love what the Blogger folks have done.

This just in, via All

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This just in, via All Things Considered on NPR: Rapper Sir Mix-a-lot and the former members of Presidents of the United States of America have joined together to form Subset, and are now playing in clubs around Seattle. The bits on the radio sounded pretty swell. You can find a few blurbs about this here and here.

It’s been a while since

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It’s been a while since the Brunching Shuttlecocks have made me laugh out loud, but they did great today with
Lou Bega: A Career Retrospective (3:39 of fame)
. It’s the complete timeline of his career, from “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Mambo #5″ (at 0:05, Lou Bega burst onto the music scene with little fanfare…) all the way past the final “A little bit of Monica in my life a little bit of Erica by my side, etc.” (at 2:43, left to a life of local fairs, mall openings and class reunions, Lou Bega was a sad man…). Huzzah, Brunching Shuttlecocks, huzzah!