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Memepool pointed me to a drinking song by Hilaire Belloc about the Pelagian Heresy — a backlash against St Augustine. Digging deeper, I found a poem titled Jim Who Ran Away From His Nurse and was Eaten by a Lion, which was very reminiscent of Shel Silverstein.

I don’t think I’ve ever fit so many links so close together before. Thank god for Google and Blogger!

I know that when you

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I know that when you think of weblogs, you don’t also think of segues, but here goes one:

In 1989, a video hacker managed to override the Chicago PBS station’s broadcast of ‘Dr. Who’ for 90 seconds - and replace it with entertainment of his own design. Elsewhere on the tvparty site, you can hear William Shatner tell a sound engineer “Don’t tell me how to do it. It sickens me.” Space Ghost used the same line this week. A boom boom boom boom, Space Ghost!

So you’ve found out about

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So you’ve found out about pollution sites near your house from the EPA. Now, find out about your local crime rate courtesy of the ABP data center.

Cult TV timelord Dr Who

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Cult TV timelord Dr Who is returning for the first time in more than three years with an entire evening of programmes being screened in his honour. Woo hoo! I wonder if BBC America plans on carrying it any time soon.