Dan Hartung over at the

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Dan Hartung over at the Lake Effect Weblog linked to me today, and the hits keep coming in. Welcome, everyone! I hope you enjoy your stay. Thanks for the good word, Dan. Come back anytime.

Robot Wisdom pointed me to

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Robot Wisdom pointed me to a New Scientist article that reports Buckyballs having wave-like properties. Zeilinger foresees similar results with objects as large as viruses. “People think that quantum is small and classical is large,” he says. “But really, the quantum world has no boundary.” My favorite physics professor had it right all along. Her usual way to describe slit-interference experiments involved a stream of small dogs shot through a picket fence.

A friend of mine is

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A friend of mine is looking for a house to buy. He found a candidate last night, out in the country. It has its own well since there is no municipal water system out there. He also noticed an industrial site a couple miles away and wondered how that might affect the well water. With a couple mouse clicks over at the EPA, he found out that the industrial site has some major pollution. See how many sites are near your house!

Bob Zmuda remembers when he

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Bob Zmuda remembers when he first saw Andy Kaufman, when Andy did his Elvis impression at the Improv.