Another great series from Lil’

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Another great series from Lil’ Fishstick:

The oranges are just there for appetite appeal.

Here’s the best unofficial site

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Here’s the best unofficial site for the Lord of the Rings movies. Ringbearer.org — One Site to Rule Them All…

From a SCA mailing list

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From a SCA mailing list I’m on, in turn from a Lord of the Rings movie site, here is a list of cast members for the upcoming LOTR movie trilogy:

Aragorn:-Stuart Townsend
Arwen:-Liv Tyler
Beregond:-Nick Nolte*
Boromir:-Sean Bean
Bilbo:-Sir Ian Holm
Eowyn:-Mira Sorvino*
Frodo:-Elijah Wood
Galadriel:-Uma Thurman
Gandalf:-Sir Ian McKellen
Gimli:-John Rhys-Davies
Gollum:-CG (Peter Woodthorpe)*
Faramir:-Ethan Hawke
Legolas:-Orlando Bloom
Merry:-Dominic Monaghan
Pippin:-Billy Boyd
Sam:-Sean Astin
Saruman:-Christopher Lee
Ted Sandyman:-Brian Sergent
Wormtongue:-Jeffrey Combs*
* These cast and crew members have not yet been confirmed.

I had a 17 hour

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I had a 17 hour workday yesterday, all without net access. Oh, the horror! Ten hours were spent driving through dark foggy rain, so that almost made up the excitement I missed on the net.

While I was away, I received notice that Marion Zimmer Bradley passed away over the weekend, after suffering a heart attack last week. Besides being a prolific author of Fantasy fiction, she was also a founding member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, of which I am a member. The very name of the Society has been attributed to her.