So, there’s this physics experiment

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So, there’s this physics experiment happening in November that has some people worried about the end of the world. Literally. The physicist in me says there are so many things wrong with this worry, it’s silly. But it’s a group of physicists (quoting Stephen Hawking, no less) that has begun pushing this doomsday thing. I guess we’ll know in November, won’t we?

From memepool: In the insane

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From memepool:

In the insane world where venture-cash-rich internet firms are knocking over each other to give away free stuff in order to build market share, the only competitive advantage a startup has is its ability to give away the house faster than its rivals. uReach.com could very well be the winner of this bizzare race, offering webmail, a personal 800-number voicemail box and inbound fax capacities for anyone who logs in. Since its ability to financially sustain itself on pure advertising revenue is laughable, I suspect they’re trolling to get acquired.

My toll-free number is 1-877-353-3869.