The Institute of Metahistory

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Thanks to Bifurcated Rivets, I read through the site for the Institute of Metahistory.

The Institute of Metahistory unites people who believe that the existing ideas of the past of the human civilization can be wrong in many respects, since they were evolved on the basis of data which can hardly be considered exhaustive, and bear the imprint of a vast number of stereotypes.

We think that as a result of closer cooperation between different sciences, the renunciation of biased opinions and the arrogant confidence that modern science, at least basically, knows everything about everything, a fuller and more reliable picture of the past of the human civilization could be reconstructed.

We are aware that all the suggestions must be substantiated and verified, and all the assertions - proved. And this we will do.

I especially enjoyed reading their theory of Atlantis: that it was an ice-age civilization located where the North Sea is today. Go see!

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