The Institute of Metahistory

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Thanks to Bifurcated Rivets, I read through the site for the Institute of Metahistory.

The Institute of Metahistory unites people who believe that the existing ideas of the past of the human civilization can be wrong in many respects, since they were evolved on the basis of data which can hardly be considered exhaustive, and bear the imprint of a vast number of stereotypes.

We think that as a result of closer cooperation between different sciences, the renunciation of biased opinions and the arrogant confidence that modern science, at least basically, knows everything about everything, a fuller and more reliable picture of the past of the human civilization could be reconstructed.

We are aware that all the suggestions must be substantiated and verified, and all the assertions - proved. And this we will do.

I especially enjoyed reading their theory of Atlantis: that it was an ice-age civilization located where the North Sea is today. Go see!

I’ve seen quite a few

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I’ve seen quite a few mentions of Hormel’s nice letter to spamcop.com clearly accepting the slang use of “spam” as junk e-mail. Yes, it’s great that Hormel’s being so nice to spamcop by not threatening to sue like most companies do. But let’s not forget why they’re being so nice.

They sued Jim Henson Productions for naming a big pig muppet Spa’am. The district court ruled in favor of the muppets. Hormel appealed to the New York Federal Court of Appeals, who again ruled against Hormel. So now, after having everyone short of the US Supreme Court tell them to lighten up, all I can say is it’s about time. Good for Hormel

Used a big chunk of

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Used a big chunk of my mozarella last night making Prosciutto Calzones. I don’t mean to keep going on about this, but the $20 I spent on that kit was one of the best-spent $20 I’ve had.

Here’s the recipe I used, adapted from the book that came in the kit.

Went and threw darts Wednesday

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Went and threw darts Wednesday night for a dart league I’ve joined. Had a lot of fun, too. This week’s game was at a bar called “Foxxes” in Normaltown (an Athens neighborhoorhood). The bar’s patrons are usually roughly half rednecks and half militant lesbians, all drinking beer together, and Wednesday was karaoke night. Man, I love Athens!