My cheesemaking supplies came yesterday

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My cheesemaking supplies came yesterday. That quick! In less than an hour, I’d made a pound and a half of fantastic mozzarella. It cost under $2 a pound to make, and would have cost about $7 a pound to buy. And boy, is it good.

I heartily suggest you head on down to www.cheesemaking.com yourself and give it a try.

New newsletter from the Landover

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New newsletter from the Landover Baptist Church, featuring this story:

Hundreds of Corpses Flown In From Turkey’s Earthquake For Use In This Year’s Halloween Hell House! To scare the living Hell out of unsaved children on The Devil’s Birthday, Landover plans for authentic Christian Haunted House. “Real blood! Real
Corpses! Real Guns! You’ll wet your pants and beg for salvation!”