I really enjoyed this movie review

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I really enjoyed this movie review. Actually, it’s more a review of the “going-to-the-movies” experience.

Got GIFs?

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Got GIFs? How’d you make them? It seems UNISYS is again agressively pursuing royalties on its patent for the compression algorithm used to make GIFs. Essentially just a mathmatical equation, UNISYS has the legal rights to it nonetheless. They never cared much until the web came along, and now GIFs are all over the place. What can you do? Use PNGs instead. There’s nicely written article on the subject.



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Well, if this isn’t the most handy thing. Thanks to a hot tip from Peter Merholtz, I’ve fallen for Blogger. It’s a wonderful tool that lets me get around my ISP’s FTP policy (Somehow… I don’t understand, but I’m not going to poke at it, either). Woo hoo!


It’s harder than I’d hoped

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It’s harder than I’d hoped to keep this page up. My ISP (nbank.net, formerly athens.net) has some sort of FTP restriction that keeps me from accessing my files unless I’m physically dialed in to their network on their modems. Why would they do such a thing? They claim it’s some sort of anti-spam protection, but that makes absolutely no sense to me. What it does mean is I can’t upload new pages from work, which planned. I’ve no computer at home, so until the ISP changes their ways or I revolt and move, this page will get updated “catch as catch can”.


Well, I had a good visit.

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Well, I had a good visit. To any of my classmates reading this: I’m glad I went. It was good to see everyone. It was especially interesting to see who had changed (mostly for the better), and those that hadn’t. It was especially good to see my buddies Scott and Ryan. There were a lot of people I had hoped to see that weren’t there, and another ten years might go by before I get another change.


tenth high school reunion

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Goin’ to my tenth high school reunion next week. I’ve got the usual mixed feelings, but it’ll be good to see most people again. The most embarrassing part will be trying to remember everyone’s names. I’ve such a hard time with them anyway, and I’ve pushed high school so far out of my mind that it will be tough. I was voted “Most likely to succeed,” so there’s going to be some expectations on their part. Have I succeeded yet? By my definition, yes. And how! But by theirs? Not likely.